Teamwork makes the dream work!

Jessica Colburn

I need to send a shout out to this incredible team who helped us today in caring for our patient in his 90s who has advanced dementia and has to come to clinic alone as we try our best to navigate the system to get him in to a more supportive situation.

Carrie Riley, a medical office assistant, who helped us to schedule him, and reminded him to come back in after the judge declined to appoint a guardian.

Bronte Bailey, a community health worker, for setting up his transportation, calling him numerous times until she reached him, coaxing him and his son to get him to clinic, rescheduling transportation, and making sure we had a way to get him home after our visit.

Jen Maurer and the SW office team who took messages from the patient and son, and Jen who has been helping us to coordinate with APS and to think creatively about how to make a plan for him.

Drs. Robertson, fellow, for helping me to evaluate him in clinic and to come up with a plan for his medical care.

Arie and Jen and Nicole, medical assistants, who helped us room him, encouraged him, checked on him so he didn’t wander, and navigated his way back to the waiting room to wait.

Brandon, MOA, who kept an eye on him in the waiting room and checked several times to find his Lyft and then made sure he got into the Lyft to get home safely.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if there were several others involved in his care today who I missed!

It truly takes a village, and ours is the best. This team cares so deeply and it is in caring for our most vulnerable patients that we see all the ways people go above and beyond to make a difference.

—Jessica Colburn MD